A Night In Calvary

https://hallmarkinfoblog.wordpress.com/2020/04/11/a-night-inj-calvary-mount/A NIGHT IN CALVARY MOUNT

The Night was pitch dark on Calvary mount
The clustering of feet and the frenzy of the throng
of the day before has ceased, save for the fluttering
of the arid vegetation in the stale midnight breeze
The city lay silent, surrounded by the ghostly hills
Unable to comprehend the bestial human display
They’ve witnessed the day before when men in their
Blind lustful hatred had committed a heinous mayhem
In their ill-lighted home, the populace cringing away;
Affright of the shadows looming over the city from the
overhanging night cloud, daring of an unimaginable
gloom that none seem willing to hazard the consequence
They lay unease in their opulent estate, appraising
the consequences of their deed, now that it was done
Yet peace has eluded their diseased mind as the three
Day resurrection prophecy gnashed their wearied heart
Barricaded in a dimly illuminated home
like bereaved chicks running under the shadows,
the dispersed Disciples clustered together, unsure
of all the Master has thought about rebuilding the
Temple on the third day; not discerning the Spirituality
from the natural run of life.
And fearful of what the future holds for them,
not comprehending the Divinity and immortality
of the Redeemer: mourns and weep for Him
whom they feared has died from the pierced nail
and the thrusting spear from a cruel hand
But our savior is alive, for He lives forever
He’s the immortal God, the one who was,
and ever will be alive, and even now, from
His Lofty throne beside the Father, watching
a recalcitrant world not comprehending his
Word, his teaching and His Divinity;
He is the LORD; he is alive and ever will be.

Published by davidbokolo

There are so many things that give me pleasure in life, but none as rewarding and satisfactory as expressing my thoughts in writings. I served my term in my country's Police. I have terms in the private sector of our economy. I have read books, both academic and fictional literature. These motivated my desire to write. I have published two books: a compilation of brief stories, and poems on KDP, selling on Amazon. I am writing from Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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