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Bible discourse 3rd March 2020
Topic: In a Blaze of Glory
Text: Act 6:8-15; 7:1-50, 51-60; 4:18-20; 5:19-21, 25-29.
Some years ago, I had this message when I was traveling from Port Harcourt to Bayelsa. I shared it later with some brethren in our local church. I considered it appropriate to share it with my friends here at the Online Christian fellowship. Since it benefited the people, I shared it with then; I believe it will still enlighten us here.

I believe every moment is an appointed hour to gather the blessings of the Lord, and also a time to renew our walk with God, so His favor and promises will continue with us in this year and the years to come.
Definition: Blaze could mean a different thing to different persons, but in our discourse today, I will define blaze as a fiercely burning fire; a display of radiance that dazzle the spectators; and feeling them with appreciation.
Glory: This could mean something or a situation that appears in a magnificent beauty and splendor; distinguished honor, to be exalted in the presence of God.
I want us to consider this talk in 4 subheadings, with some samples of both ancient and contemporary Bible and worldly characters, so we could key into the desire of God for our lives.

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1. Blaze of Glory in the World:
(i) The Last Ride of the Western Heroes. This is a legend of some cowboys who would rather die firing their guns than be arrested and considered as cowards.
(ii) The Alamos’ Battle Heroes. These were some 185 determined American soldiers, from Texas and Tennessee fighting to defend the Alamo in the town of San Atone, to withstand Santa Anna and his 5000 soldiers in 1836. Every stood his ground and died in a blaze of glory.
(iii) The vision of the man on a white horse. In the heat of the American civil war, the south, or Confederate army was about running down the union battalion, and then the soldiers saw, as in a vision, a white horse, whose rider was like the late President of America ‘ George Washington galloping in their battle line urging the men to fight on. And they fought to their death but winning the battle.
(iv) General Maxwell Khobe. He was a Nigerian Army General who led ECOMOG troops to the attack in the Sierra Leone Civil War, as the Voice of America put it, ‘like a man that has a charmed life,’ with only a swagger-cane in his hand.
Millions of people are dying in related circumstances all over the world every day; dying for what they believe is a just course.

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2. Blaze of Glory of the Saints: Acts 6:8-15; 7:1-50, 51-60
(i) The first martyr. Stephen faced with certain death on account of his teaching, but he stood firm in a blaze of glory; thus fulfilling what Jesus has told the disciples that, they would put them to death for His name sake; so were all the disciples and Apostles died in a blaze of glory
(ii) The inquisition. This was a justice system in the early Roman Catholic to detect, investigate and persecute people they accused of heresy. It started in the 12th century France and later extended to other European Countries.
3. Victims of the Inquisition. I will briefly show us some prominent victims of the Inquisition. These were people killed either by hanging or burnt alive because of holding a deviance view about Christ from what the Roman catholic believed. They go out in a blaze of Glory into the presence of the Lord. They include:
1. Pricilla. He was a Bishop and the first they executed in 385A.D. because of his understanding that life in Christ extends to God and there should be no need for marriage.
2. Joan of ARC. She became the first woman to be burnt alive at the age of nineteen because she believed she saw to fight for France against Britain. Twenty-five years later, she was found innocent of the crime in which they killed her; thus she was made a martyr. She was beautified in 1909 and canonized in 1920.
Galileo Galilei. 1564 to 1642. He was Italian astronomy, physics, and mathematician. He discovered the four largest planets. His views concerning the planet and the earth’s movement brought him to conflict with the Roman Catholic Authority. They forced him to recount what he had said. He was tried and kept under house arrest for the rest of his life.
4. John Wycliffe. 1328 to 1364. He was a preacher and a reformer. He interpreted the bible into English Language and lectured at Oxford University. A Wycliffe teaching was on the independent of the churches, from the circular control and against indulgence. He died of a stroke in 1415. He was declared a heretic and his remains were exhumed and burnt.
5. St Bartholomew’s day massacre. 30,000 were killed in 1572. They were known as the Huguenots. They the members of the reformed church that followed the teachings of Calvin. This was during the France religious war.

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6. John Calvin. 1509. He wrote books promoting Protestants work in France, he was persecuted and fled to Basel in Switzerland. He became a pastor at the Institute of Christian Religion. His writings promoted the formation of the Presbyterian and the Reform church. He established an academy that later became the University of Geneva. While preaching one day, he burst his blood vessel from which he never recovered.
7. Gurnard de Colin. He was the leader of the Huguenots, from a noble family and used his position to established colonies abroad to hide his religious friends from the authority. They killed him in the St. Bartholomew’s’ day massacre.
8. John Hus-1369 to 1415. He was of the Renaissance period from the Czech. He followed the Reformatory teaching of Wycliffe. They burned him at the stake for heretics. His followers defeated the catholic invaders five times. They are 90% Czech.
9. Martin Luther-1483 to 1546. Luther was German. He held the teachings of St. Paul. He was a Monk, Priest, and Professor of theology. He was an important figure of the protestant Reformation. Luther condemned indulgence and refused to recount his writings even when ordered by the Pope. He Interpreted the Bible to the vernacular. He died in 1546 after reading Psm, 31:5.
10. John Brown. He was an American Abolitionist. He helped escaped slaves in America to escape to Canada. He organized raids on slave traders. When arrested and tried, he affirmed that the Holy book (Bible) he read states that all men are equal and therefore has no regret fighting for the right of men. He was executed, but his name became a war song in America civil war and all other American wars. (John Brown’s Body lies there smoldering in the grave… but his soul goes marching on..)

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4. Where will you be when he calls/comes? Acts 4:18; 5:19-21, 25-29; Matt.28: 18-20; John 16:1-4; Phil. 4:8-19, 3:1-15.
The Disciples of the old were not mindful of the persecution they faced. They were not mindful of the world but faced the task they were called upon to do.
They prefer to obey the command of God than the threat of death by the world authority. For they know they would die one day, anyway; and that they have no continuing city in the world.
They did not consider they had done enough so they should rest for a while. (Christians seek not yet reposed). As soldiers on the battlefield would fight to preserve the interest they believe in, Christians should realize we are on a battlefield (Onward Christian Soldiers…).

As the Devil goes about seeking whom he will destroy, we too should realize that we already have a Captain in our Army for the battle; Christ is the Captain of our Army. Wherever He leads and we will follow.

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Remember, we are getting to the final battle, all the signs are telling the story of His approaching; the persecution of the Church, The Pestilences, the wars, the earthquakes, they are all pointing to an impending event.
Unfortunately, Believers are not paying much attention, and instead are calling for an earthly army to confront the Satanic Strategies, a worldly Army; just like the people in Christ’s days were expecting a King saddled in a horse with Chariots of soldiers to fight the Roman domination.
“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God….” “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against Principalities, Against Powers …..’
It is not yet time to repose, Brother. Your appointed hour now is to take a stand, Sister. When Christ comes or calls, would you have faded away like a withered flower or willing to meet Him in a Blaze of Glory?
He has already commissioned and allowed for battle. We should not be singing “Send us Oil to keep us burning.” Instead, the song in our mouth should be “When you call me, I will answer in a Blaze of Glory.”

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